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NOGU SVELO! Live in Los Angeles


Nogu Svelo!, a legendary Russian rock band based in NYC since 2016.

After the war in Ukraine started, Nogu Svelo! was the first Russian band to release anti-war songs, as reported by Novaya Gazeta Europe. Right now, Nogu Svelo! is the only Russian language artist met with enthusiasm in Ukraine, despite their current aversion to the language.

The band are also taking part in a charity to help Ukraine. Nogu Svelo! has raised money for World Unite for Ukraine through an online concert, provided support for a refugee shelter in Tbilisi, Georgia, and took part in a GCI Planet Charity Event: Peace, Music and Art Soiree. During the first part of the European Tour the band raised money for 2 ambulances for Ukraine via the charity fund "Zeilen van Vrijheid". Max Pokrovskiy also participated in charity talk show "Island Instinct" and all the money raised went to the purchase of and equipment for a mobile hospital for Ukraine. During the Florida Tour the band and their promoter 88events transfer $20k to Ukrainian Funds: Florida 4UA and KindDeeds.

Nogu Svelo! has released 9 anti-war songs, some of them were rising in Ukrainian music charts and also reached Number 1 in Russian YouTube trending videos.

The group’s founder, singer, and bass guitarist Max Pokrovskiy expects to be criminally prosecuted and labeled a foreign agent by the Russian authorities, which will prevent him from returning while Putin remains in power. He has given multiple interviews to international journalists, including to those in Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, and the Voice of America in Russia.

Releasing anti-war songs and even posting anti-war messages on social media inRussia is a provocative act against the government in Russia. After supporting Alexey Navalny in 2020, Nogu Svelo! was blacklisted and banned from performing in large venues in Russia.

Their songs “Golden Time” and “Zaebali(You Pissed Me Off)” from 2020 and 2021 really hit a chord and were met with a great response from the public.

Nogu Svelo! has been performing in Russia and in Europe for over 30 years. They’ve had a cult following since 1988 after emerging from the famed Moscow Rock Laboratory, an official organization focused on guiding young and talented musicians in the music industry in the era of Perestroika. Nogu Svelo! has released 15 full-length albums, 62 official music videos, and won multiple awards in Russia and Europe. Max Pokrovskiy has written title songs for movies and taken part in two seasons of Russia’s version of the worldwide reality show “Survivor.”

Minimum age to gain admittance is 21 years old. ID is required for age verification.

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Casey's Pub
613 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles CA 90017

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NOGU SVELO! Live in Los Angeles

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