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UBF School of Speech

An educational project on public speaking and stage behavior "Mastering the skill of speaking. Base."

Coach and heart of the project Oleksandr Ellert.

Event-host (interviewed by 100 HR different companies), standup comic ( experience on stage 20 years, TV 10 years), eks-scriptwriter studio "Kvartal 95" (head of the author's group for 8 years), director of the team "Laugh League", businessman-creator, YouTube 130k, Instagram 250k

Thanks to the School of Speech project, you can:

  • will improve the skills of an aspiring or experienced speaker, manager, person and those who are planning to become them.
  • add confidence on stage and when interacting with an audience
  • improve the level of self-presentation
  • tips on how to keep the attention of listeners
  • learn how to manage excitement before a presentation
  • awaken motivation

The project will suit people who experience fear of public speaking, excitement when interacting with an audience, stage insecurity, clamps, blocks and biases.


The biggest beneficiaries will be team leaders, businessmen, lobbyists, mentors, speakers, producers, brand ambassadors, and networkers.

Unlike others, the School of Speech project does not operate on a one-time basis, but works in dynamics. In the process of training, participants understand the vectors of development and determine their own speed of progress. At the workshop they learn to improvise, work on their pitch, learn the possibilities of their voice, awaken charisma, master the rules of the stage and behavior on it, and create new neural and friendship connections.

The training model was developed based on Olexander Ellert's personal experience, inspiration, literature, and successful and unsuccessful speeches of speakers. During the workshop, we use:

  • various exercises to improve the speed of thinking and improvisation
  • mechanics for keeping the audience's attention
  • a workshop on using storytelling
  • techniques to unlock the potential of participants and highlight their strengths


8 June, Saturday, 10 am - 8 pm

G-Gallery (404 Broadway, 2nd Floor New York NY 10013)


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404 Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York NY 10013

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UBF School of Speech

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